• +36 70 633 7223
  • info@racecenter.hu
  • H-Budapest, 1054, Szemere utca 19.
  • W: 16-22, Th-Fr: 14-22, Sa-Su: 10-22


You can book your appointment by:
- writing an EMAIL to info@racecenter.hu (in case of bank transfer, credit card, cash, gift vouchers)
- simply just making a CALL at +36 70 633 7223 (only in case of cash payment, within 2-3 days)
- using our online booking form, but it is availalbe now only in Hungarian (in case of bank transfer, credit card, cash, gift vouchers)

In case of booking via email or call, please do the followings:

1. Check the free places in our calendar. If you wish to book the full sim room with 10 simulators, then choose a date where either "Terem" (Full Sim Room) or "10 db" (10 pieces) are available. If you wish to book less than 10 pieces, you can choose a date where you can see the availble number of the sims. If we are closed, you can also rent the full Racecenter.
2. Provide us:
- Date:
- Starting time:
- Length (hours):
- Number of simulators needed:
- Paying method (bank transfer, online credit card, cash, gift voucher):
- Your name:
- Your address:
- Your phone:
- Your email:
- Notes:

In case of question, please do not hesitate to contact us (+36 70 633 7223 or +36 30 8645 988).

You are all welcome at RaceCenter!
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